Xiaomi is working on a Macbook’s Look-Alike Laptop.

Xiaomi a Chinese smartphone giant, who introduced brilliant smartphones like Mi 3, Mi 4, Redmi 2 and Redmi Note is going to enter into Laptop market. According to the leaked images from the popular Chinese website, Gizmochina, the Chinese smartphone giant is developing an Apple MacBook Look alike Laptop. Reportedly, this laptop will be launched in the market against Apple’s MacBook series laptops.



Xiaomi is well known company with expanding operational boundaries in countries like India and Brazil, will target Apple MacBook customers. The laptop developed by Xiaomi is very much similar to Apple MacBook series laptops in terms of design. Apple MacBook laptops are very costly for middle class people. Xiaomi will be selling their MacBook Look alike laptop cheaper than Apple’s MacBook. With Cheap price and a promising performance makes common man and middle class people to buy this laptop without any doubt. If it comes for half price of Apple’s Laptops, current MacBook owners can sell MacBook and purchase two pieces of Xiaomi Laptops.

Xiaomi is a smartphone manufacturer, but recently, they’ve diversified their operations in other electronics categories like Televisions, Mobile Accessories and Water purifiers. So, entering into Laptop market is no big news from Xiaomi. Xiaomi is working harder to make their new laptop in cheaper price than Apple MacBooks. So, they are having talks with other manufacturers for getting internal hardware components for Mi Laptops. According to reports, recently they started talks with Samsung to get Memory sticks for Laptops.

Xiaomi is the most buzzing smartphone start-up with an exponential growth rate. They are now settled in the Smartphone market, so they decided to land in laptops market to compete with giant like Apple and their product MacBook. If Xiaomi developed a high end laptop which will suit the budgets of common people, it will be a great achievement of Xiaomi.

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