Windows phones as gaming devices

With so many look-alike Android phones around and the now rather tired iOS Apple iPhone shortly to enter their sixth generation, the latest Windows phones offer something that is entirely fresh and new; something that the Smartphone market has been eagerly awaiting. For gamers, the latest Windows 8 phones are particularly welcome as, for the first time in the history of mobile gaming we are seeing the start of a truly integrated gaming experience.


Over the last year or so Smartphone’s have become so smart that, in terms of raw computing power, they are now equivalent to many desktop computers, and this gives games developers all the power that they need in order to produce games that are potentially as immerse as games usually associated with gaming consoles such as the Xbox, but online gaming, whether it is playing casino games at online casinos or networked interactive games, has been a rather piecemeal activity. Games played on a games console, a tablet, a Smartphone, a desktop computer or a laptop have been different kinds of activities. With the introduction of Windows 8 phones, we are at last seeing a convergence; a true convergence that includes convergence of operating systems and convergence of gaming experiences.

When we play online casino games such as poker on a desktop or laptop computer, we don’t want to have to cash in our chips and switch to a different kind of poker experience with a different operating system and different protocols when we wish to play poker on our mobile phones and tablets; poker is difficult enough without any additional complications. There are plenty of sites like that optimise the pc experience to the new gaming environment of the tablet. Even with easy to play casino games such as roulette it is much easier to play if your mobile casino experience is similar to that when you play at home on your desktop. Windows 8 phones are not yet there entirely, but they are moving rapidly in that direction.


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