Windows 8: new avatar of windows with latest features

Windows is continuously delivering lost of nice features with their and now they launched Windows 8 that is really exciting operating system, finally the new Windows 8 have come up it has lots changes and developments. This time Windows included lots of extra ordinary features with the latest Windows 8. It is reinvented from Windows 7‘s solid core, its fast, its fluid,  its natural , direct and its hands on control. It has a feature of tablet-centric OS.


Firstly you will find the new metro style with all the apps on your computer screen, so it’s easy and time saving for you. But if you do not like this you may choose back with your old style again just by clicking on the option of metro UI.

Secondly, all your frequently used files operations will be in there for you on shortcut of new ribbon where you will enjoy the facility of not choosing the long way of right clicking the menu and then creating a new folder, you just need to click on the ribbon and do your work in seconds. Yes! Upon this Microsoft has will be delivering you accelerated speed and flawless security along with the support of html5

Tools such as teracopy and super copier are installed to make sure achievement of faster file and copying the folders. So the basic things you will find changed in these file operations are:-

 1 You can pause and resume the files whatever you are copying or moving, you can also see the     source and destination of the folder while it is running.

2 Now you will watch the real time information about the time left or taken to move or copying the file from source to destination as well you can have a look at the graph and transfer speed.

3 Now you can handle your conflicts for moving or copying the files easier.

            Hybrid boot support: Best change made in Windows 8 is that it has the option for hybrid booting which is the combination of both shutting down and hibernating together as it is separated in older ones .thus you can do booting in just 8 to 10 seconds.

           Task manager: The task manager of the new Windows 8 will have two kinds of views: – Simple and advanced .In simple one, you will see the running application list along with their button for ending the task. While in advance, you can use all the latest options, as in apple’s Mac store.

             Id integration: Have you  ever experienced the loss of your entire valuable data ever, it feels bad but now there no need to take worry of losing your device or crashing off computer, even if these happens you have the option for integrating local account in Windows live and synchronizing all your data online . Yes your data is safe and secured. So there is no need for formatting your computer as you and your window has got smarter now. Hope you like windows 8 mobile review



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