Why you should make your website SEO friendly, not SPAM

What is meant by the term SEO friendly?

SEO, known as Search Engine Optimization is actually a technique that is used for the purpose of making the web pages successful and useful with easy understanding. This is a well specialized process that involves creation of successful sites in a much reliable way.


A website is considered SEO friendly if the content of the site is written by paying proper attention, keeping in mind how the optimizer would follow the content. However, it would be wrong to suggest that the content should be prepared according to what search engines expect instead the entire viewers should be considered. The content of the website should be such that it drives the attention of the all the readers. It must be informative, interesting and fun reading. A SEO friendly website requires repetition in its content, which is a very essential part.

Advantages of using a SEO friendly website

A SEO friendly website is useful for a user as it offers various advantages. The major advantages of such websites include an increase in traffic, greater value of sales, more chances of increasing brand visibility, helps in easy navigation of search engines; moreover it can prove to be cost effective. Other advantages of using SEO friendly website are as follows:

  • The potential of the search engine is maximized with website design that is SEO friendly. The traffic of the site will be affected if search engines are unable to work appropriately on your website because of the design.
  • Website designs that are SEO friendly have more web traffic compared to websites that are not SEO friendly.
  • Users find it easy to do quick downloading in SEO friendly websites. The design of these websites is user friendly.

Drawbacks of using SPAM

Spamming actually involves posting something that is not relevant to the subject such as prior notice, indicating that there is no contribution in the conversation

The users prefer SEO instead of SPAM because of many different reasons. Firstly, internet connectivity is required for collaboration but there are improvements in the print versions of the articles with the use of technologies. Another reason because of which SPAM is not preferred is improper management of Vandalism and SPAM.

Pages can be restored through easy ways but on the other hand, it is required that the user logs in order to get the pages edited. In this way vandalism is reduced through spam bots that are automated. A major drawback because of which SPAM is not preferred is that it can be edited by any individual person. In other words, for some of the applications it is too open.

An example of this could be a documentation that is confidential. However, regulating the user access is possible. Lastly, a disadvantage of SPAM is that the information that is present can get disorganized as the structure of wiki is flexible. With the growth of wiki, the structure is administered and planned collaboratively.



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