What are the Steps involved while Migrating WordPress to VPS

Finally if you decided to Migrate from Shared Hosting to VPS, then the next step is the BUDGET Control because before migrating you must keep in mind that is it possible that you can invest a small amount. Once BUDGET is finalized then the next step is to find VPS service Providers like [ Linode,Burstnet ] etc and then   OS [ Operating System ] like Linux [ REDHAT, MANDRAKE]. Once you finalized about your VPS Provider then big thing is what type of VPS Package you need is it MANAGED VPS PACKAGE or UNMANAGED VPS PACKAGE and then comes the requirements which is all about what type of OS, RAM, HDD and how much BANDWIDTH you need.

UNMANAGED VPS   are meant for those who have technical Knowledge on Setting up the VPS, Operating VIRTUAL WEB SERVER and must be technically good in managing WEB Hosting Packages, unmanaged vps is best in terms of privacy and security. But one thing for freshers UNMANAGED VPS is only meant for tech people why because if any issue occur then they only must deal with it even if is software or hardware issue or server side issue.

So for freshers better to have MANAGED VPS Servers with the help of a VPS experts or with the help of VPS providers, this option is good for the people who don’t want to take care of Server Maintenance and want good performance with fast output with hassle free issues.   MANAGED VPS sounds good but its little bit more cost then UNMANAGED due to server management, maintenance and Server configuration work.

So the main steps involved while Migrating to VPS , if you are freshers careful of your DATA, So please take a backup of DATA FIRST..

  • Migrate to VPS by taking BACKUP of your WORDPRESS from Shared Hosting. [ Everything including themes, database, emails ].
  • Once backup taken , change the Name Server of your domain to VPS provided name server.
  • Migrate all the data to VPS server, once domain pointed then all is done .

Migrating to VPS is easy if you have CPANEL and WHM installed in it else you need a TECH GUY who knew VPS better. So for Managed VPS users better to HIRE VPS Person who is good in it.


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