Top 10 fastest internet connection in the world

Internet the faster rising demand in the world, in this modern world nobody has time to search each and every vital information from book or with others source. That is the reason main reason why  internet connection in the world is in huge demand. Earlier there were many Dialup Internet connection but not afforable for every one, but now you can find everywhere High Speed [ DSL ] Internet Connection with WIFI connected service,data cards  , and nowadays in some countries you can find LIFI connected Internet Connections. Nowadays there are many internet connections but every countries Internet speed differs from on country to other, where  in India you may struggle to find reliable internet connections even in metro cities. However its different story in other developed world where blazingly fast internet speed is a norm reveals Akamai’s State Of The Internet report. Lets have a look on Internet speed on particular countries, so below here are Top 10 fastest internet connection in the world.

fastest internet connection in the world

Fastest Internet Connection in the world :-

  • Hong Kong – 65.4Mbps
  • South Korea – 63.5Mbps
  • Japan – 52Mbps
  • Romania – 47.5Mbps
  • Singapore – 45.6Mbps
  • Latvia – 44.6Mbps
  • Switzerland – 41.4Mbps
  • Israel – 40.1Mbps
  • Belgium – 39.9Mbps
  • Taiwan – 39.5Mbps


In India there is maximum of 1GBPS for commercial use, but for personal use its far away milestone to be reached as of now India ranks 12th position with 10 MBPS for personal use.  But still the reality in India regarding Broadband is users hardly get 1MBPS Internet speed with hardly 20 to 40 KBPS download speed which is compared very low after reality check by using broadband bandwidth tools.

Nowadays Internet is fully wireless with WIFI and Data Dongles where you can surf Internet anywhere anytime you need. Before purchasing any Data Card, Data Dongle or Wifi Internet Connection please make sure that the network of the Internet Provider works fine in your area.





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