Timeless but must to use SEO Strategies

Internet Marketing is a broad field and includes several aspects with one of them being SEO or search engine optimization. Over they years, the strategies used by search engine optimizers have changed but there are some basics that have remained the same. Basically, SEO is the process by which webmasters or site owners employ certain strategies and techniques with the main aim of improving the rankings of a website on the major search engines. The reason for the change of these strategies is mainly attributed to the updates undergone by search engines such as Google that attempt to provide relevant search results to users.


Creating Effective Keywords

There was a time when the main thing in SEO was keywords and the higher the number of keywords a website had, the higher the rankings it received. This technique was misused by some websites that provided irrelevant information but ranked highly on search engine results. Google and other search engines tweaked their algorithmsand this affected the useof keywords. However, keywords still play a significant part in SEO and it is better for a website to have keywords than not to have them at all. It is important to carefully research about the keywords to use on a website. There are tools that are of great assistance when it comes to selecting relevant keywords to use.

The golden rule when it comes to using keywords is not to overuse them. The content of a website needs to be targeted at the final customer andnot at search engines. When deciding on which keywords to use, think like customers. Think of phrases or words that customersmight use when looking for a product or service you are providing. Take advantage of the keyword suggestion tools to come up with effective andrelevant keywords. The use of good phrases or keywords plays an important role in deciding the ranking of your website. The more your website is easy to find, the higher the volume of traffic it will attract.

Relevant Content

The main purpose of awebsite is to provide relevant and informative content to current or potential customers. One of themost important aspects of a good SEO strategy is coming up with good quality content. When writing content, think of the end users rather than search engines. Make sure to include the keyword or keyword phrase in the right proportion for it to be indexed by search engines. With constant changes in algorithms, search engines such as Google reward websites with good quality content by ranking them higher compared to those with poorly written content. Besides having content, make sure it remains fresh by regularly updating it. Doing thiswill not only improve the website’s ranking but increase the number of repeat visitors.

Quality of Links

Search engines such as Google also pay importance to the quality of links a website has. Thisis what is known as link building. A site that has good quality inbound links will rank highly than those with low quality links. Quality refers to the trustworthiness of a site. There are various sites that could provide website owners with free quality links.

Although there are other SEO strategies, the above are examples of timeless strategies that have produced positive results for websites.


Raymond Cardoza is a Web Master by Profession, Blogger by Passion, his passion of INTEREST is on TECH Related like INTERNET, NETWORKING, GRAPHICS, MULTIMEDIA etc.


Raymond Cardoza is a Web Master by Profession, Blogger by Passion, his passion of INTEREST is on TECH Related like INTERNET, NETWORKING, GRAPHICS, MULTIMEDIA etc.

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