Think Differently with iPhone Business Applications

Ring in the new and ring out the old goes the maxim and iPhones have rung a new bell in the way the business is conducted and it has become a core marketing strategy. Even small and businesses have found iPhone applications extremely useful and it is not a forte of large business alone. iPhone developers are engaged in activities as to create applications suitable for small and medium business houses that will enable them to sell their services and products to target markets that was unthinkable earlier and that will take their business to new levels.

Developing suitable and customized applications that is product and market specific and exclusive fir your business is an expensive and difficult task and it may cost a fortune to develop it in house. Getting it outsourced to an established off shore development unit will be a good option. There are plenty of off shore units employing experts with years of experience in developing business applications in new technologies that include various mobile platforms. These developers are highly brilliant and they will come out with innovative applications that are perfectly tailor made to meet your business requirements. This will save you a lot in terms of money spend but also the precious time than that will take for in house development.

Another important consideration is the platform that you want your application to be developed. Though iOS is the default platform, there are other platforms as well like popular Android, HTML5 and BlackBerry and it is very important to ensure this as it will decide the reach of applications to the target market. Before launching a new application in iPhone, it needs to be approved by Apple and make sure that you have enough time to do all this.

Some Popular i-Phone Business Applications

There are hundreds of business applications available and many of them come free of cost. There are currency conversion applications that will enable you to convert the currencies on the go. Mileage tracking applications will allow the small business man to track and report the fuel consumption if needed. VAT calculator will enable you to calculate VAT in different countries. There are stock watch applications like that of iPhone spread betting app by City Index that will keep watch on the stock market movements and you will get instant reports. I-phone has the ability to sync with Microsoft office applications like MS Word and MS Excel and you can even email them.

There are applications like PDF READER PRO that will enable you to easily handle PDF files on your phone. I-pro recorder is useful to record the proceedings in a meeting or during interviews as it turns iPhone into a virtual voice recorder. You can make free video calls using Skype application and you can make free video conference calls. You can manage the pay rolls and finances of your company from any where through Sure pay and Page Once Pro. You can have your travel itinerary on your finger tips with TripIt – Travel Organize rand you will get the real time flight information with Flight Track Pro – Live Flight Status Tracker and it works in perfect sync with Tripit. There are more than 550 applications approved by Apple and it is growing and you have the liberty to develop application that suits you and that will make i-phone a virtual office on the move.


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