The Top 10 Essential WordPress Plugin to Protect your WordPress Blog from Hackers

WordPress Bloggers are facing a normal issue nowadays and its a total headache for the Blog owners due to thier Blog getting Hacked by Hackers. These hackers smashed the victim sites day by day in thousands,by SQL attacks or by any Backdoor. Their aim is to infect the sites and in-turn they will spread automatically bots or virus to the visitors computer. As soon the visitors view the infected sites the virus,Bots or any Vulnerable file will get in to your PC, So it is advised to use INTERNET SECURITY WITH ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE in your PC with latest updates before you surf any sites. So with the Internet Security and Antivirus Installed visitors can be free from nasty problems.

WordPress is one of the top most CMS software , due to the popularity the threat level also increased so the day to day attacks also increased, thats the annoying one so to come out of it you must use better security plugins which helps wordpress users to be protected from the attacks.

Here are some WordPress Plugins which is used to Protect your WordPress Blog from Hackers

  •  AntiVirus for WordPress : It Scans your WordPress files for malware code and warns you by email only if it finds anything suspicious task.
  • Login Lock Down : It Logs all the failed login attempts from your Blog. Too many failed Login attempts tries result in the offending IP being blocked for a customizable amount of time.
  • Secure WPIt totally Masks your blog’s directories, removes version info and plugin information to make it hard for the  hackers to identify what version installed and also to unidentified the files.
  •  Ask Apache Password Protect : Its one of the awesome and Brutally efficient password protection for all areas of your blog installation.
  • WP Prefix Table ChangerIt helps you to Secure your database by changing the table prefixes ( eg. wp_ ) to make them more obscure. Because its advised to changed you database prefix name because it the easiest way to get in for the hackers.  [ This link is no longer active ]
  • Ultimate Security CheckerThis Plugin helps you identify security problems with your wordpress installation. It scans your blog and give a security grade based on passed tests.
  • WordPress Guard PluginThis is a cool plugin which adds an extra layer of password protection to your wp-admin directory, panel and login.
  • WP Security ScanIts a Scanner plugin looks for vulnerabilities, which are installed in your WordPress and recommends action to immune the possible dangers threat.
  • WP-Scanner : It Measures your WordPress security level with a remote scan. But it works only on Cloudspace.


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