Specialties and Structure Of Jetbook Color eReader

Jetbook color eReader is a textbook tablet that makes a revolution in the education market by offering teachers and students the ability to save money on books by giving unlimited teaching resources. This tablet is the world’s first to make use the eye friendly Color Ink Technology in an eTextbook tablet oriented completely towards education. The screen at this tablet works as an ID card for the student that displays a schedule of classes, homework and class work, list of teacher’s and student’s notes, a designated path for quick communication with teachers etc. The main screen will feature and application list rooted on student’s classes and grade with many topics such as class work and homework, my library, eTextbooks in work, Oxford Reading support, science and math, languages and games etc.


Subdivisions under the above applications will help students to be on top of their class work, and pair technology with the classroom making a completely interactive and intellectually stimulating ambiance linked to global educational resources. Apart from having the most functional and sophisticated eBook reader software, Jetbook color eReader features a substance of a 50 state reading list, school administrators and teachers resources, a completely interactive SAT course that will train, parents support and advices, test and increase students’ SAT scores. With a Speed Reading course, students will be able to read and understand text faster, talk the Oxford dictionaries explained by professional linguists, speech recognition and speech analysis rooted U-Learn courses and phonetic Language Teacher etc.

Jetbook Color eReader also includes cross translator for 180 languages, pictured dictionaries for 36 languages, linguistic crosswords, Vocabulary Builder, reference materials in math, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Biology, Interactive Periodic Table of Elements, Earth Science, Scientific and graphic calculators. A lot of supporting technologies are featured that include text-to-speech module for pronunciation of books, multilingual speech recognition module, machine translation technology that makes it easier to translate from one sentence to a whole book immediately. With Script character recognition technology that is combined with an EMT board, Jetbook Color eReader pets students note down on the screen, change their draft into typed fonts and aids teachers to examine assignments.

The textbook tablet comes in a sleek and durable design, which is available two favorite colors – black and white. The face portion is treated with a bactericide layer of paint where in the rear part is sheltered with rubber paint to safeguard it from falling off a desk. It has a leather pocket and an optional handheld C-Pen/Ectaco scanner for reading and loading printed materials into the tablet. This incredible device is oriented particularly towards education, teachers and students with an easy and simple to use interface that was suggested by most leading educators. It can use around 32 GB of space through a Micro SD card designated for interactive programs, eTextbooks, homework, exams, class work, schedules, notes, and more.

It is expected that this device will be in use in the US educational system by 2012. Jetbook Color eReader will offer a good positive change to the current education market by reducing costs for parents and schools, and decrease the effect on the environment as well.



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