Some Etiquettes to Communicate with Cab Driver

When you’re travelling in Chicago city, the best way to commute in the city is to take a cab ride. Cab is the most convenient way to travel from one place to another in a big city like Chicago. But for many travellers, a taxi ride is the boring time. If you are afraid that your taxi ride around the city will be awkward and silent or boring, then we have some communication etiquettes to follow while communicating with taxi drivers. These cab drivers are most interesting persons to chat with. They know every bit about the city and can provide a lot of information to you.


Taxi drivers have a huge treasure of knowledge about best places to roam, eat, and visit in the city. Also, most of the times they have knowledge about the historical significance of anything which is available in the city. So, striking up the communication with your cab driver can be a good experience in your journey. So, to make your taxi ride more interesting, we have some working and basic communication etiquettes to be followed while striking up the conversation with cab drivers.

Etiquettes to Communicate with Cab Driver:-

1)     While entering in the taxi, make a gentle smile looking at your cab driver. This gentle smile will make him comfortable while driving for you. If he feels comfortable with your ride, then he can chat with you without any hesitation.

2)     Asking about his name and how is his day going, is the best way to break the ice. These sentences are known as conversation starters. These conversation starters work in every situation, so it will be working with cab driver too.

3)     Cab drivers have full knowledge about every place in the city. If you are the traveller in Chicago city and don’t know where to roam and what to see, then taxi drivers can definitely help you by providing information about best places to visit.

4)     Everyone loves food. Even the taxi driver might be a hard-core food lover. If he is the one, then he definitely have information about the best restaurants and eating joints in the city. Also, he can tell you about local cuisine and local delicacies, food to try and many other things about food culture in the city.

Communication is the best way to keep boredom miles away from you. It is always better to keep talking with someone to make your journey more interesting. Taxi drivers drive dozens of passengers from one place to another. So, they have knowledge of every bit of the the city, and information about various things. That’s why, if you communicate with the taxi driver by following above mentioned etiquettes, then your journey will be more interesting.

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