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Facebook has shifted from being the number one site for staying in touch with you family and friends to the platform that lets you advertise your product not just in front of a certain section of the society but in front of the whole world, thus increasing the prospects of the product’s success to a great extent. Facebook has a feature that lets businesses create a page for themselves to publicize about themselves and the product that they have and there is no cost for having a page on the account. Not many know what to do after they have created a page so I have prepared a list of the 10 ways to promote website on Facebook for free.

Offer something to all those who like your page on Facebook

Once you have made your page on Facebook, and are looking to get some traffic to the page, then offer something to all those who visit the page and like anything that you have posted on the page. You may offer a free song download or a wallpaper etc.

Link your page to your website

This is something that will transfer all the traffic that you get on your page to your website and people will be able to get to know more about your site and what it has to offer.

Let your Twitter followers know about your page on Facebook

This is a smart move as you will be able to get more traffic to the Facebook page, by simply pasting the URL of the page on your Twitter account and telling your followers to check out the page.

Add your Facebook URL to your signature email

Signature e-mail is an effective way of getting traffic and if you add your Facebook URL than it will only help.

Add the URL on your business card

We all use business cards and if you add the URL of the Facebook page that you have, it is sure to increase the traffic to the page.

Use a guest writer

If you know any of the big names that are related to your area of work and can manage to get him/her to come up with something for your page and talk about the product, then go ahead and do it and then add the excerpts of the interaction on your wall.

Link your employees to the page

Another easy way to get traffic, as the people who you have employed will have lots of people in their friend list and those people will be driven to your page.

Tell people who “like” your page to spread the word

Word of mouth still remains that most powerful means of news. Tell your fans who have liked your page to publicize for you.

Adding a custom URL

The URLs that are provided by Facebook are extremely long and they can’t be remembered. Get yourself a simple and easy to remember URL.

Replying to things that people post on your wall

This gives them a feel that you are responding to them and thus they are getting the importance that they deserve.

Facebook is sure the best way to advertise your product in a cost effective manner and the above mentioned steps are the 10 ways to promote your website on Facebook for free. So go ahead and make use of the social networking site as a means of marketing.


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