Monitoring Your Kid’s Social Media without Feeling Suspicious

The existence of social media websites is something common and everyone has become a member for at least three to four social media websites. They make the most of Facebook, Twitter, hi5 to get along with their closest friends and long time friends. Those social media websites have their own advantages in which they can become a great messenger for delivering important subjects like business deals and important invitations.

The same thing applies to most kids and teenagers in which they use the existence of Facebook and Twitter for sharing their thoughts on some important things like homework’s or other school tasks. But teenagers somehow may treat Facebook as their ‘shoulder to cry on’. Such phenomenon is very common in which they share their sad or angry feelings on their wall posts and they become very comfortable after their friends make comments or like their posts. They find this as the best way to share their secrets and they forget that their parents are actually ready to listen to their secrets.

So, if you are parents with teenagers, you should be wise enough in facing this reality. Lots of crimes had happened so far through Facebook in which lots of teenagers were abused by people that they’ve just known through this website. Such kind of thing can happen when teenagers don’t reveal their online activities with their parents and they don’t want to ‘add’ their parents as ‘friends’. Parents should take this as a serious condition because when it happens, it means kids don’t want their parents to intrude their problems.

This may sound a simple problem though it is very serious. It is common that most teenagers complaint about their parents’ policies and regulations and parents must be very wise in dealing with this condition. Parents must be able to understand that youths always behave like that and parents can deal with them outside the ‘online forum’. When parents can make sure that their teens are comfortable enough in sharing thoughts with them, then their teens will not consider social media websites as their only savior.

Direct communication becomes the main key to bring harmony to parents and teen relationship. It is recommended to remain silent instead of commenting on your kids’ posting when it is about their anger or sad feeling. Especially when their friends also make comments. They will be embarrassed and they will even more introvert to parents. Find the best moment to speak to them and avoid judging statement. We all know that nobody likes to hear such statement and your teens deserve to have a good way of communication.

However, there are some teenagers who might feel comfortable to share their feelings through writing. Don’t be upset because you can just send private message to ask about how they feel and want. They may respect this way of communication and you don’t have to force them in telling the truth by verbal communication.  So, there is absolutely nothing wrong with social media websites as you can even make the most of them to have a much better relationship with your teenagers.


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