Increase PC Speed for Better Service from Your PC


In this modern era, many people have personal computer and they often use PC for daily life. Speed of PC is a great factor because there are many causes and for those increase PC speed is necessary. You PC can become slower than usual so you need to learn to increase PC speed.

You can increase PC speed by following some simple tips below:

Remove Unusual Program

If you use PC for a longer time then there must be some programs installed in your PC that you would need in the past but not for current time and there must be some programs that you will need in future but not now. If you have many unnecessary programs installed in your PC then the speed of your PC can become slower and you need to remove unnecessary programs to increase PC speed. If you remove unnecessary programs then that will clean up more free spaces on your PC’s memory and that is a way to increase PC speed.


Periodically Do De fragmentation

If your PC speed decreases then you will need more time to open a folder or a partition of your hard disk and these partitions are also known as volumes. You can increase PC speed by executing the defragmentation on your PC’s volumes. This is an easy process but it will need time to complete the process. Click on the start menu and go to the accessories via all programs and then you will find system tools. There you will get disk defragmentation option and then execute the fragmentation process. Typically it will take 15 to 20 minutes but it can take longer based on your files and folders numbers and spaces on the hard disk.

Use Clean Up Disk Option

You need to clean all unnecessary and temporary files, folders and many other things to increase PC speed. There will be many temporary files and unnecessary files and folders on your PC after operating your PC for few days so you need to clean up these files regularly. You have to do the same like defragmentation to clean up disk space. First, click on the start menu then go to the accessories via program life and then go to the system tools in it and there you will get disk clean up option. Click on it then you can clean all files and folders that you will not need anymore then choose those and click remove and do all same for these unnecessary and temporary files and folders.

Always Clean Windows Registry

Windows registry is a great option to increase PC speed. This is a part of the operating system where you will find settings for all files, programs and hard wires of your PC. To clean this registry you need to be skilled in this process and if you can’t do that properly then hire a skilled on this matter because if you do anything wrong to clean windows registry then your whole operating system can crash so you have to be extra careful to execute this clean up.



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