How to sell your used phone for cash?

Are you planning to buy a new Smartphone? There are many new Smartphones that are launched this year like the iPhone 6 and 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge and many more in the list. What about the old one? If I am kept in that place then I would prefer to sell my cell phone first then go or a new Smartphone with better features such as camera, performance and design.


So what do we do to get the best deal for our old cell phone? The condition of the cell phone is the best determinant of the price which it can be sold. Whether the screen is okay or damaged? Are there dents or scratches? What is the storage capacity? Does it have its enhancements? These are a few questions usually people have in the case of old cell phones. Then they further go on the online portals where they can sell the old cell phones.

The leading smartphones in excellent conditions with their original covers can be sold for quite high prices. Before selling your Smartphone one should keep in mind to find all the enhancements that originally belonged to the device. If they are working condition it helps the user to fetch a better deal. Even if you have an old rusty phone may be with a broken screen which cannot be sold on various online portals don’t get disheartened. EcoATM is the answer to all the problems related to broken phones. It is available in various malls in America. It compares the current price of the device in the mobile market and the given condition of the phone, it then comes to a value which the user can accept or deny and act accordingly. It requires a driving license and a thumbprint so as to protect itself and the users from fraudulent activities. It also takes a picture of the seller.

You might not be happy with the price offered by EcoATM for your broken phone but it is the only place where you can actually sell your broken Smartphone. But it is not true always. Though it is one awesome source to sell old phones but there are many huge online retailers who deal in old phones such as RadioShack, GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy. One should actually go and check first on these websites and check which offers the best deals. Again, the condition of the phone is a major factor here.

Also, before selling your phone do check by which medium you will be paid for the Smartphone. Every transaction will not turn into immediate cash so you have to be patient about it. One should never just throw away old gadgets. It may benefit someone else and you may do a bit for the environment as well. The life spans of cell phones are not very large. They usually start creating issues after 2 years of service. So the user has plenty of time to actually sit down and plan the future course of action for their Smartphone.

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