How to Print Passport Size Photos using Camtoprint

Now create your PASSPORT SIZE PHOTOS from your Home PC, creating passport size photographs earlier was much difficult because we have to go near by PHOTO STUDIO with Clean Professionally Dressed and Photographer comes and click our Photos and process it and Prints it , and it consumes much time. But now its very easy to print your Passport Size Photos.

All you need is a HOME DESKTOP PC or LAPTOP, and a Digital Camera or Mobile with Camera  which gives maximum output and a Printer which supports Photo Prints. So with the help of minimum configuration you can take Passport Size Prints any where is Home, Office or in LAB easily by using a Software name Camtoprint. With the help of CAMTOPRINT software you can take any number of DIGITAL PRINTS or PASSPORT PRINTS as much you need.

With the help of this software any person can print passport size photos and dont need to pay anything for a Print. This software saves time and money  for printing at your home, and gives quick result so that you can take Passport size photographs any time you want. And main thing i like this software because you can take your Photos and Print it easily and maintain your Photos Privately without sharing it to strangers.  With this Software you can Print Passport Size Photos for ID CARDS, PASSPORT, DRIVING LICENSE, For Bank Pass Book etc. So now its time to download CAMTOPRINT software which is free to download .


So once you download this software , just install it and you can see a desktop icon of CAMPTOPRINT just open it by Double Click on that ICON . Click on Continue there you can find Passport Photos click on that .

Select the photo which you want to take passport size photo, select the type of Format [ USA or UK ] and check the adjustments like Contrast, Brightness after all the adjustment you can save that photos for further use and now its time to print the Photos. So insert the paper in the Digital Printer can then Click on Print . And after printing cut the photographs in appropriate portion using your Scissors.


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