How to make your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly

Nowadays Mobile Internet / Mobile Friendly website is a TREND , where as now you can see in this mobile world approx 78% of the Internet users use mobile internet. So bloggers and webmasters its time to convert / make your WordPress Blogs Mobile Friendly which supports mobile browsing easily, so that mobile users can view your website through mobile with ease so that all the content must be viewed crisp and clear like we view it in desktop.  But only converting your blog into mobile friendly is not enough we need to optimize it so that it will load quickly, and text size should be crisp and clear without zooming the text.

How to make your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly

How to make your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly

Under mobile category there are many mobile brands like iPhone, Android, iOS, Windows Mobile , so we must keep in mind while converting your WordPress Blog to mobile friendly that it must support all the mobile brands  and should be viewed properly with optimized output. There are many ways to make your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly like by using mobile friendly themes or by using mobile supported plugins.

For instance lets go to WordPress Plugins which makes your WordPress Blog Mobile Friendly . There are many WordPress Plugins which convert your WordPress Blog into Mobile Friendly, so lets see which plugin will convert into Mobile WordPress Blog.

  • WPtouch :   It is a Simple Powerful, elegant mobile theme for your WordPress blog, WPtouch automatically transforms your WordPress Blog into Mobile WordPress Blog it supports almost all of the mobiles  like the iPhone, iPod touch, Android mobile phones, BlackBerry OS6+ mobile devices and other mobiles.
  • WordPress Mobile Pack : is a complete mobile toolkit which detects the mobile type and transforms your WordPress site into Mobile WordPress site. In the Mobile Plugin it has the option to switch from Mobile type so that mobile user can view the WordPress Blog easily without any hesitation .


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