How to keep readers on your blog

Tips to make your blog interesting


Attracting readers to your blog and keeping them interested in your blog for a long time, so that they become regular visitors, is not the same thing. In fact, these are entirely different from one another. The longer a reader remains a visitor of your blog, the more he/she gets to know you i.e. if you are a blogger who delivers informative articles and does not just want to make money or increase traffic; the visitor will get to know this. Hence, he/she will visit your blog regularly and will also recommend it to others.


Moreover, if you have more visitors of your blog, then your blog will reach a higher ranking in search engines. This will in turn drive more traffic to your blog and hence the chances of getting regular customers will increase.

How to keep readers on your blog :-

Now that you are familiar with the benefits of keeping readers on your blog for a long time, these are some tips using which you can achieve your goal.

  1. Write appealing articles: You need to understand that people do not like to read boring articles. These are dry articles that can sound like an eighth grade essay. Therefore, you need to write engaging articles that have interesting and unique information. If you like, you can also add a little humor.
  2. The introductory part: The beginning of an article or blog is the most important part. You should write an excellent introduction that will make the read want to read further. An idea is to start by asking some questions of their interest. Other than the introduction, your post also needs to be interesting overall, if you want regular visitors.
  3. Visual aids: Images can make a blog more attractive. A post full of only text can seem boring and a visitor might just leave without reading. Therefore, add some images to your post relating to the topic. You can also add a video.
  4. Add links of other posts: a good idea is to add a link of another post to your article. However, make sure that it is relevant. This is especially possible if your blog is about a particular niche. Your posts are going to have interrelated information, which means you can add a link to your post that will help the reader get some more knowledge about the topic. This will increase your post views.
  5. Good Navigation for Blog: provide links to all of your posts on the top of your page or on the side. This will make it easy for your readers to find other interesting posts.
  6. Do not advertise: Your goal should be to provide information to your readers. You should not just write articles to make money.

If you follow these six tips, your blog is going to reach a higher ranking in search engines in no time and an increasing number of people will become regular customers.


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