How to find Fake Twitter followers

Nowadays Social Media is ruling the online world in order to promote thier identity and brands, but If you are on social media mainly on Twitter then you may find that there are plenty of Fake Profiles in it which makes your branding unethical way of publishing. Because if you are on twitter, you must think twice with whom you are dealing with virtual world and all those followers who follow you. Recently i see many high profile brands, high profile peoples,Politicians,bloggers and people , firm, companies who relate with Social Media have many fake profiles which some doesn’t even exist, and there are some profile who are not inactive since long time but they are permissible because they are legal twitter accounts, some of the brands and people buy Twitter accounts and the providers promise to give me them original twitter likes but what they do his use bots and fake profile creators and promote them and say that we provide real twitter followers but its not true all the times. So earlier it was almost difficult on How to find Fake Twitter followers but not now..

fake twitter profile

 So lets Find Out How Many Fake Twitter Followers you have :-

There are many sites which helps you to find out fake twitter followers, so are you a super star or a high profile person or want to know How to find Fake Twitter followers of particular person then there are many ways to find out fake twitter profiles.  So lets look some of the steps to remove fake Twitter followers.

Find Fake Twitter followers through STATUSPEOPLE :

StatusPeople is a web application that reveals the approximate percentage of followers that are fake, real or inactive. So from now Finding a fake twitter profile is very easy task.

Find Fake Twitter Followers

  • Log on to
  • Click on Connect To Twitter
  • Click on Authorize App

Not only yours twitter profile you can also find others twitter profile which contains fake twitter followers.

Once Authorized you will get the status of the Fake Twitter Followers, i tried my Twitter account and i found 7% of the Twitter Follower are fake and found to know that almost many well known celebrities and high profile person too have FAKE TWITTER PROFILE. Even recently i saw many well known high profile person owns many fake profiles to promote thier brands which sometimes we can call it as unethical which does not exist in Real world. Even i was worried on how to remove fake twitter profile and i got an idea to deal with it.

So i found a way to find fake twitter followers by using But please note this link does not work from now but it helps you to find fake twitter profile and inactive twitter profile, once you find the fake twitter profile just note down and remove it one by one manually .


So what i did is i found some fake twitter followers in my twitter account and  converted the percentage out of my total twitter profile and i found 64 fake profiles which i deleted them one by one.

So never buy any fake twitter profile else it may lead you into trouble in future. so beware of fake twitter followers and help others by knowing them on how to find fake twitter followers.



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