Five Secret Recipes to Spice Up Headline for Your Sales Page

Headline is similar to book title. When you’re about to buy a book, you will look at its title first, and then if the title is interesting for you, you will flip the book and read short information in the back of the book. And if you find the short information interesting, you will most likely purchase the book. In a sales page, headline will either make your visitors to look further or leave. That’s why writing great headline for your sales page is important for your business.


Here are 5 secret recipes to craft great headline for your sales page:


1. Short and catchy

Convey your message in few words and make sure that it is catchy. People will tend to skip a long headline. So, make sure that your headline can catch visitor’s attention with few words. It doesn’t mean that your headline will only consist of 3 or 4 words. That’s too short. It means that your visitors must be able to read your entire headline within 5 seconds.

2. Make sure that it answers the reader’s question: “What’s the benefit for me?”

Every headline must be able to answer this question. When you look in a title of the book, you will ask similar question, right? After all, you will only buy the book if you’re sure that it will give good benefits in your life. So, your headline must be able to explain the benefits for the readers. What’s the benefit for them when they decide to read the entire sales page? That’s what your headline should say.

3. Use list

Headlines that contain list number about anything will usually convert well. For example, you can place in your headline words like 7 Secrets, 7 Magic Tips, and so on. The list will drive curiosity in your readers and it will help you to direct your readers to read through your sales page. Using list is a good strategy if you want to instantly attract curiosity of your readers.

4. Ask question about their problem

The next recipe you will need for your headline is to ask question about their problem. When someone asks you a question like “Are you tired? Do you want to take a rest?” when you are really tired, that question will naturally make you to respond with positive answer. Similarly with headline, you can make your readers to respond positively to your headline by asking the right question. You can ask question about their problem, followed with the solution that you offer to them.

5. Fast and quick solution

When your headline offers a fast and quick solution for the problem of your readers, you will be able to win their attention. Most people want to end their problem as quickly as possible. Fast and quick solution works best for your headline, because it will provide the solution that your audience wants to get.

Those are 5 secret recipes to craft great headline for your sales page. If you want to make your sales page irresistible and if you want to convert more of your visitors into buyers with your headline, you can use those secret recipes and start writing great headline today and Spice Up Headline for Your Sales Page.


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