Bill Gates Family Photo

Bill Gates an American based Business Tycoon and Former CEO of Microsoft and Present Chairman of Microsoft. He is the World Wealthiest Person got married to Melinda a French Citizen on January – 1 – 1994, they gave birth to Two Daughters Jennifer Katharine Gates and Phoebe Adele and a Son Rory John .

Bill Gates Family


Bill Gates Family resides in Washington, in a huge earth-sheltered home in the side of a hill overlooking Lake Washington.

Bill Gates House




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Jennifer Katharine Gates  [ Elder Daughter of Bill and Melinda Gates ]

Phoebe Adele [ From Left ] with her Mother Melinda Gates

Rory John

Rory Gates

The Bill Gates Family and His Relatives list :

William John Gates :  his paternal great-grandfather
Rebecca Eppinhauser : his paternal great-grandmother
William Henry Gates I: his paternal grandfather
Isabella Thompson : his maternal great-grandmother
Lillian Elizabeth Rice : his paternal grandmother
William Henry Gates Sr : his father
Belle Oakley :  his maternal great-grandmother
James W. Maxwell : his maternal grandfather
Ida Medcalf : his maternal great-grandmother
Adelle Thompson : his maternal grandmother
Mary Maxwell Gates : his mother
Kristianne Gates Blake : his older sister
Kerry Adelle Blake : his niece
Sullivan Michael Blake : his nephew
Stephen Maxwell Armintrout : his nephew
Melinda French Gates : his wife
Jennifer Katharine Gates : his daughter born in 1996
Rory John Gates : his son born in 1999
Phoebe Adelle Gates : his daughter born in 2002


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