How to Backup WhatsApp Conversations

The most popular messenger app in the world is WhatsApp and its popularity knows no boundary. It is not a free app like various other messenger apps that are present, but it is still ruling the chart as far as popularity is concerned. Whether it is an android user or the iOS user, everybody is on this platform utilizing it to the best of their ability. WhatsApp Download is completely free of cost, and the installation is quite easy too. Now, even some of the companies have incorporated WhatsApp as their official messenger because they know that their employees might forget to check their official email address but will never miss out on the WhatsApp message notification, and also because WhatsApp for PC and Laptop is now available. Some serious updates are exchanged on this platform where the company is concerned; therefore, it is important that you keep a proper backup of the messages, so that you do not lose them accidentally. The process of taking the backup is quite easy and simple in this regard and that is the reason you won’t have to waste your time over taking backup. You can either store the backup on your mobile or you can save the backup on your PC as well. Now, when you have proper backups of your phone you will have no stress of losing important data or message.


The Process involved in backing up the WhatsApp conversation

In order to create proper backup of the conversation you will have to follow the below mentioned steps-

  • First, you have to go to settings and for that you have to click on Menu and then select settings
  • In the settings menu, you will find chat settings, select that
  • It will take you to the page where you will see the backup conversation option available
  • Click on that and proper backup of the conversation will be taken

In case, you have deleted your account but want to avail the messages that were in there, then you can do that, but only if the automatic backup option has the information already saved in it. In order to avail the information that is there in the deleted account, you will have to follow the steps that are mentioned below –

  • You have to reinstall the WhatsApp account on your smartphone
  • When the welcome screen appears, select the ‘agree and continue’ button to accept the terms and conditions
  • Now enter the phone number so that the verification process can be completed
  • Once you are done with this, you will encounter another pop up screen where you will see a message stating that a message backup found
  • It will provide you the option of restoring them, click on that and you will see that the device will restore the messages automatically
  • It will show you that the message has been restored and now click on continue to avail the services

Through this process, you will be able to restore the messages without any problem. If you want, you can also transfer the backup messages in the PC as well just by connecting through the USB cable to your computer.

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