Askmebazaar presents Wholesale

Askmebazaar has recently launched a new portal named as Wholesale which will take care of all the bulk shopping which takes place between the two organizations. This is a really good opportunity for the sellers and buyers to come forward and remove the intermediaries who have been eating their huge amount of profits till now.

There are many organizations who do not deal directly with the customers as they do not offer personal selling, rather they wish to sell their products to multi-retailers who sell those products to the customers in return. In India, we do not have a separate portal which only deals will these kind of buying and selling. However, Wholesale portal gets to be the first marketplace which will also the buyers to in bulk after checking the quality of those products and then asking for the quote from the sellers.


By paying a nominal amount of 1000 INR, you will be able to register yourself with the portal and then get all the contact details about the sellers you have seen on the portal. Then you can ask them to deliver a sample, for which you might or might not have to pay a certain amount. Then after check the sample you can ask them to send you a quote for the quantity of products you seek from them.

After finalizing all this, the shipment will be done which will handled solely by the sellers and does not take care of this feature at all. It is believed that products in such a huge quantities needs to be given a special attention which will be done as per the agreement between a seller and a buyer. The concept behind launching this portal is pretty unique and looking at its marketing campaign it seems that it has been heavily funded by many private equity firms.

On this, Mr. Arvind Khanna, Director of the Hotel and Restaurant Equipment Manufacturers Association in India said that, “We are very happy with this new platform which leverages our relationships with local sellers in the hospitality industry and will be a win-win for both the buyer and the seller. askmeBazaar Wholesale has built expertise on selling various products across the sector and has a good understanding of online pricing and managing variety which is a critical competency for this model to succeed.” Do let us know you views about this new ecommerce portal.

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