AskMe Android App: The Bapp of all Apps

We are quite sure you’re comfortable with several programs that provide local company listings! Nevertheless these apps prove themselves inadequate in daily life. However, we came across an exceptional program quite lately – ASKME! Unlike other listing programs, ASKME offers a number of characteristics, and it proves to be a must-have program for every Smartphone user in India. We were so impressed by ASKME that we decided to do a review of this app that is amazing and consequently let our readers know about it!


ASKME – A Brief Review:

At its base, ASKME is not different from other programs to show local business records. In order to make the comprehension better, it would be fine to go with an example, we figure. Frequently, you go to different places in your city and there you will discover problem in meeting basic needs, including food, accommodation etc. We’re certain that you must check out ASKME App, if you’re one of such regular travelers. In those kinds of scenarios, ASKME will be a form of blessing that can serve all your needs. Listings that are available include hotels, ATMs, stores, etc, and of course, the list is fairly enormous. Currently, this application is accessible for Android powered Smartphones, though iOS users can expect this program really shortly. Now, we’ll have a look at other aspects of this program.

Using ASKME:

It’s quite simple to use ASKME. It isn’t crucial to type your location, because you are able to use GPS to discover exact location details in seconds. Once you have tapped on the ‘Search’ button, you can see the list of accessible products or services nearby. If you go to the next tab, you will locate business deals that are local and free advertisements in the third tab. And, if you tap on a listing that is revealed, you can get additional information of each local company rating for example contact details, from other users, precise address, description, pictures etc. It’s possible for you to contact the unique supplier right from the application! Likewise, you may check out deals and ads if you desire.

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What All Can You Do with ASKME?

Well, To be Precise ASKME is not an application which is merely made for revealing the contact details of local business listing around you. This app will help you in doing many things with a tap of a button which are described as follows:

  • Post Advertisements: You may use ASKME to post ads. Of course, these ads will be considerably profitable to you due to their enormous amount of audience.
  • Know More about Local Business Deals: Just like big business companies, local businesses may also have some deals that are fascinating to capture focus. You will get info about those deals in the application.
  • Shop Online: Yes, you will find a powerful online shopping website in this app. Using askmeBazaar, you can purchase a number of products, online gadgets etc.
  • Check Reviews, Photos & Tips: Well, you’ll be able to check out reviews about specific products, services or local companies in addition to their pictures!

In addition, local business record attribute is better than other applications accessible, because ASKME reveals additional details such as payment processes, during which hours the company is not closed, and evaluations from others. When considering all these facts, using ASKME, you’ll be able to know practically everything about a neighborhood business, including its quality, ways to reach there, contact procedures. Additionally, if you enjoy the product or service, you can share it with your friends using social media, SMS and email right from ASKME Application.

Final Verdict:

Well, you can easily download this application from Google Play for Android Smartphone users. Its not yet available for iOS users for now and developers are working hard to bring it online and they soon will.

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