Are Taxis Still Safer?

Today it is a must to have a personal vehicle to commute as per your own convenience, but what about the people who do not have personal vehicle with them? Transportation from one place to another cannot be avoided in such a world where time is valued the most. No one can afford to miss out that time waiting for crowded buses and trains. So, some of the people prefer to go for taxis which is quite convenient than the other public transportation.



Taxis are considered the safest option these days. It is because of the simple fact that one does not have to share their ride with a lot of strangers. One can easily enjoy the ride sitting back on the seat while the driver drives the passenger to their destination. With the help of various online services like Universal taxi app one does not have to stand and wait anymore for a taxi ride. They can easily request for a ride through universal taxi application and get a taxi on their mentioned destination and time. Within a few minutes, the taxi will reach the predetermined destination and the passenger can reach the destination on time. The drivers offered by these services are thorough professionals. They can help you while searching locations and reaching locations on time. They are thoroughly screened.

But nowadays Ride sharing applications such as Uber have taken over taxis that are offered as a part of public transportation. As per a leading daily in San Francisco, Uber mints almost thrice the amount earned by the entire taxi market. Investors today think that it is quite difficult for the entire taxi industry to compete with these rides sharing company. As a user what would you prefer? Waiting for a cab on a taxi stand or just requesting a ride through these ride sharing applications and get a cab right at your doorstep. They not only provide simple taxis but high end cars such as SUV’s, limos and others on request by the passenger. Although, they will be charged according to the car ordered by them.

But these ride sharing applications have actually made the consumer impatient and restless. To keep inflated wage rates in a country for cab drivers, these public transport services do not employ many cars on the street. This reduces the probability that a person might hail a cab rather than the ride sharing cabs. The ride sharing applications such as Uber provides a much higher wage rates than the taxis and they just have to work few hours a day. They have a system during peak hours. During surges, they indicate the drivers about the same so that the drivers are ready for it and then they are back home as soon as the surge reduces.

Today taxis are suffering huge losses due to over demand for such ride sharing companies. So what is the solution to it? As far as we can predict if taxis want to compete with on demand taxi services like Uber they will have to become like them.

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