Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5

With the introduction of the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus, Apple has tried to bring back the Apple iPhone as one of the best Smartphones available in the market currently. The latest generation of Apple iPhone has a lot of software as well as hardware advancements that surely does make it one of the best Smartphones available out there.

samsung vs iphone


And to give the larger Apple iPhone 6s Plus a run for its money, Samsung has also come up with their latest Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Android Smartphone. And if you were to buy one of these two hottest Smartphones of current times after you sell your cell phone, we are pretty much sure that you would be really confused. And to help you better pick between the Apple iPhone 6s Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, we are here today with a detailed comparison of both these latest devices in the market.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Apple iPhone 6s Plus :


Beginning with the display of both these devices, the Apple iPhone 6s Plus features the same 5.5 inch Full-HD Retina Display as seen in the last generation Apple iPhone 6 Plus. However, this year’s Apple iPhone 6s Plus has a new 3D Touch technology, that basically does different functions depending on how hard you press the display on your Apple iPhone 6s Plus, similar to the Force Touch technology found in the all new Apple Macbook 2015.

Whereas, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 features a larger 5.7 inch display with Quad HD resolution, similar to the one found in the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 of last year. The main software feature of the display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is that, you can now eject your S-Pen stylus and start writing a note on your device, even if the screen is turned OFF.


The Apple iPhone 6s Plus is powered by the latest Apple made A9 CPU, which according to the company runs about 70 percent faster than the last year’s A8 CPU, and also does GPU tasks about 90 percent faster as well.

The Apple iPhone 6s Plus features great camera improvements when compared to yesteryear’s models. The Apple iPhone 6s Plus features a 12 MP rear facing camera along with a 5 MP secondary┬ácamera.

The battery found in the Apple iPhone 6s Plus is a 2,750 mAh battery, which is a bit smaller when compared to the 2,915 mAh battery that came with last year’s Apple iPhone 6 Plus, which is a real disappointment. However, according to Apple, you will get the same battery backup as the Apple iPhone 6 Plus with the Apple iPhone 6s Plus and even more, thanks to the Battery Saving mode that has been introduced with the latest iOS 9 operating system.

When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the device features a 64 bit 2.7 GHz octa core Exynos chipset along with 4 GB of RAM. The device also features a 16 MP primary and 5 MP secondary camera sensors, along with a massive 3,000 mAh battery.

Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Apple iPhone 6s Plus features non-removable batteries and also lack external SD card slots as well. Which are a disadvantage but is too common on flagship Smartphones these days.

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