Apple 12-inch MacBook VS Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Apple has recently launched the upgraded version of its MacBook. It looks attractive by the features it offers but does it stand against the surface Pro 3? Let’s have a closer look at the specifications.

The updated MacBook is quite thin and weighs just around 2 pounds. Surface Pro 3 is a step ahead in this. It weighs around 1.76 pounds and 0.36 inch wide. Isn’t the difference quite impressive? The new MacBook flaunts a 12 inch retina display and a 2304 x 1440 resolution. It isn’t very shabby although. Surface Pro 3 flaunts the same display screen, but the resolution is a bit lower than the MacBook. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comes with a service pen that can be used for handwriting, inputs and drawing as well.’


MacBook dones a Intel Core M processor while the Surface Pro 3 dones a 4Th generation Intel processor which comes in I3, I5 or I7. MacBook has a fan less working system so it is quite silent while working. Microsoft Surface pro 3 works on Windows 8.1. Both the devices claim to flaunt the same Bluetooth support, Wi-Fi support and battery run time. Both the devices claim to have a nine hour long battery life with a single charge. Both the devices are installed with cameras but the MacBook only has a front camera, whereas the Surface Pro 3 has a rear camera of 5 megapixels as well as a front camera. If going by the looks one wants to make a choice they will definitely go for MacBook as who wouldn’t like to don a Gold toned MacBook. It provides a more comfortable and thinner keyboard. The touch display offered by Surface Pro 3 surpasses all this.

As far as expandability and ports are concerned Surface Pro 3 leads the game. The MacBook consists two ports namely for headphones and a USB port. The USB port can be used for connecting any external devices and charging the device as well. So if you want to connect an additional device as well as charge the MacBook you will definitely need an additional external dongle. The Surface Pro 3 flaunts 4 ports. One can be used for USB/ external device connection; one is a mini display port and a memory card slot as well.

What about the price? A 256 GB MacBook comes for $1299 and a 512 GB MacBook comes for $1599. The additional dongle is for $80. The 64 GB Surface Pro 3 comes for $799. The 256 GB Surface Pro 3 with an Intel Core I5 processor comes for $1299. For a 512 GB Intel Core I7 processor Surface Pro 3 comes for $1949.

On most of the parameters both the products land up fairly even. There are differences in both the devices but they almost land up in the same position. So if I am currently using a MacBook should I sell my MacBook and buy a new Microsoft Surface Pro 3? The answer is quite ambiguous.

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