5 Tips for Creating Professional LinkedIn Page

Business cards have been used excessively to introduce and leave your mark behind in the business circles. But with the advent of social media and human resources integrating information technology with their functions, the need for these cards has reduced. This is where LinkedIn comes in. This is a social networking site that is solely dedicated towards business. This means that companies and individuals now have a formal identity on the internet that not only helps them get better jobs and socialize with people who matter but also help the recruitment procedure in knowing about the job applicant. So lets see some  5 Tips for Creating Professional LinkedIn Page.

Here are some 5 Tips for Creating Professional LinkedIn Page

Therefore it is now imperative for many individuals who are hoping to get into good jobs or companies that have considerable reputation and goodwill around them, to have professional and impressive LinkedIn pages. For businesses to leverage prospective clients and business opportunities, LinkedIn may be the best place to go for.

So the question arises, how can a person or company make an impressive LinkedIn page?

Control your page yourself and establish your brand

It is a possibility that LinkedIn has already created a page under your name or company name. It is time that you get yourself registered and take over that page. The reason is that this will help you in getting the page updated to your present information and also making sure that it remains professional and appealing to your prospective acquaintances or clients. You must also decide who in your company will administer the page. The reason is that LinkedIn allows for anyone to access the page management who has email address registered under your company name. Make sure that it is under the marketing department or sales department as they are the pros in knowing what makes the customers click when they see your profile on LinkedIn. These pages should also be used to make your brand’s visibility stronger. You can upload two logos on the page that will help the customers or the prospective client to associate and recognize your company page.

Optimize your words and language for better impressions

Search engine optimization does not end with you putting in keywords in your profile to get a higher ranking in the LinkedIn search results page. But in fact you should use keywords in the descriptions and other information on your LinkedIn Page. Apart from this, try to check the grammar and language that you are using on the page. Make it formal and coherent with your company image.

Be Social and remember your location matters

When companies are looking for business solutions they prefer that it comes from near home. That is the closer to the business or company they are looking for, the better. For that reason they are using zip code and find the desired company. LinkedIn allows you to update your location information for up to five different places. Use this to your advantage and make the best out of it. Also try to be more social on the LinkedIn forums and share statuses. Remember to share only relevant information and realize that it is a social network for business.


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