2012 Top Ten Free Android Games

If you an Android operating system enables phone or computer, then chances are that you would love to download the following 10 best free android games for 2012. These are must have gaming trends that are a pleasure for all game lovers. These games are existing and enjoyable all at the same time. Here is the list of 10 best free android games for 2012 that one must have.

ANGRY BIRDS: Do we say anything more about this cult game? This game is already a must have for all Android enabled phones. Statistics claim that as many as 2 million downloads per week happens of this famous game. This game is a rage and almost everyone is addicted to it. The best part being that this game is for free.

REPLICA ISLAND: This is another famous Android based game that one must have. It is adventure based and has monsters encounters at the end of each level. If you liked Super Mario, then you would also love this one.

AIR CONTROL: Have you always dreamed of being an Air Traffic Controller? If yes, then this game would enable you to relive your childhood dream. You can use your fingers to direct aircrafts to take off or land as they desire.

WORLD WAR: If you are an action lover and want a power packed game, then this one is for you. The game has everything from nuclear wars to new age weapons the best part being that one can play this game with their friends using multimedia.

GEM MINER: This is one game people generally love the most. As the name suggests one needs to dig out gems by using mining tools. As one earns points, the mining tools keep on getting upgraded. It comes with an amazing tool list and map to help you out.

ABDUCTION: This is a slightly challenging game which first timers would not enjoy much. This game involves getting hold of points to ensure that your friends are not abducted by aliens.

BONSAI BLAST: This is a cool game based on the lines of the famous Zuma. It involves shooting and matching colors in groups of 3. As each level is crossed the combinations become difficult and harder to achieve.

SKETCH ONLINE: If you like to dribble then this is a must download android application for you. This multimedia game player actually helps you to guess what is drawn. Many call it the funniest game.

BEBBLED: This is an amazing free Android Downloaded game. It has three modes and as many as 33 different challenging levels.

ROBO DEFENSE: This game is loved by one and all. These games comprise of constructing various weapons that you can use to prevent the enemies to enter your territory. It comes with maps, weapons and with every level the weapons become more complex.

The above Top 10 best free android games for 2012 are a must for all game lovers. These games can be downloaded for free from the market place making it readily accessible.

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